At LCS we care about each student and want to offer up individual options to create a plan of success. As part of that, we offer many extra services for the elementary through high school parent. Please let us know how we can serve you and your family.

Before and After-School Program (BASP)

BASP is a loving environment for your children in the morning and the afternoon, before and after school. We look forward to spending time with them: getting to know them, teaching them God’s word, helping them with their homework, and having fun with them in a safe environment. BASP is available every school day until 6:00 pm.  Please contact us at

Lunch Program

The cost of the hot lunch daily is $4.25. Lunches can be purchased between the hours of 7:30 to 8:30 am Monday through Friday at the Kitchen Window. You can pay by cash, check, or debit/credit card.

There are two options on how you can purchase a lunch:

01. Prepaid Account

You can purchase up to 25 lunches on a prepaid lunch account. This is a good idea to have for every student and I strongly urge everyone to think about purchasing this way of buying lunches. At time of purchase the account will be filled electronically with the amount of lunches purchased. This account will help everyone involved if a student forgets his or her lunch and doesn’t have the money on them to purchase a lunch. When the lunch account gets low on funds, the kitchen will contact the student’s parents by e-mail to make them aware to refill the account with additional money. If you are interested in the prepaid lunch account, please stop by the kitchen for further details.

02. Year Pass

The cost for K-8 student for the entire year is 684.25. The cost for 9-12 grade students for the entire year is $650.25 (The difference in the cost from K-8 to the 9-12 is because of high school retreat and missions week). The parent saves $51.00 by purchasing the year pass, so there is no refund of days missed by illnesses, absences or lunches brought from home. *(Please note the annual pass does not include seconds on food).

For Grades 6-12, ala carte lunch items are also offered. Items and prices may vary. Items for sale are available for the students to look at when they come through the lunch line. *(Please note that a la carte items are not included in the annual pass prices).

If you would like more information on prepaid lunch accounts or yearly passes, please come by the kitchen or email Vickie LaFleur at

The lunch menu is attached for your convenience. Lunch menu is subject to change. Parents and students will be notified by email if this happens.

Download LCS Hot Lunch Menu Brochure