LCS takes pride in its academic endeavors, which are constructed to fit with each particular age group.

Life Christian School (LCS) offers high quality classes with excellent teachers which support and nurture students to be strong both spiritually and academically. Our school offers services from preschool through high school.
Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR) define what students should know and be able to do and understand upon graduation from Life Christian School. It is our goal that a student’s faith in Jesus Christ will be evidenced by achievement in every area of their life – spiritual, academic, social and physical.

I. Spiritual – Effective Christians

Students will integrate their knowledge of biblical principles with their daily life by:
1) Accepting
Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and participating in a local church.

2) Applying their knowledge of Scripture and their Christian worldview to their daily lives as evidenced by consistent Christ-like character.
3) Using their talents, skills and intellect to glorify God.
4) Demonstrating a respect for the value God places on them and others.

II. Academic – Self-Directed, Quality Producers

Students will demonstrate personal responsibility in producing quality work products by:
1) Demonstrating organizational and time management skills.
2) Setting, pursuing and accomplishing realistic and challenging academic, career and personal goals in order to be lifelong learners.
3) Developing and creating intellectual, artistic, practical and physical works of excellence.

III. Social – Critically Thinking, Effective Communicators

Students will demonstrate personal responsibility in producing quality work products by:
1) Demonstrating organizational and time management skills.
2) Setting, pursuing and accomplishing realistic and challenging academic, career and personal goals in order to be lifelong learners.
3) Developing and creating intellectual, artistic, practical and physical works of excellence.

Pre-School / Elementary School


“We will not hide these truths from our children but will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord. We will tell of his power and the mighty miracles he did. So each generation can set its hope anew on God, remembering his glorious miracles and obeying his commands.” Psalm 78:4, 7
We look forward to introducing your child to school. Together, we will explore God’s word, work, pray, and play! Below are some guidelines to familiarize yourself with our Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program. Thank you for your interest in Life Christian School. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling your child, please call the school office at 503-259-1329.


At Life Christian School, we believe that we have a responsibility to God and to you to provide a safe environment for your child where he/she will be nurtured, encouraged, and loved. We also believe that every child is a gift from God and that He has ordained their life. In keeping with every child’s God-given destiny, the Lord has equipped them with special talents, gifts, and strengths. Our teachers will partner with you in discovering and encouraging these things in your child.




A typical day for our elementary students would begin with prayer, praise and the Word of God. Once the spiritual foundation is laid, each class then embarks on laying the academic foundation so important at Life. Students begin with reading and work through the subjects listed below.
We have highly qualified certified classroom teachers. We provide differentiated reading groups based upon the students reading level. Our staff includes a physical education teacher who leads each class in age appropriate activities and allows for participation in the Presidential Physical Fitness program. In addition, our music teachers direct two full-scale musicals per year while teaching music history and appreciation.


The classroom teachers provide a warm, friendly and creative atmosphere enhanced by crafts, art and hands-on activities throughout the day. Morning and afternoon recess contribute to the growth of the physical body as well as giving opportunities for students to put into practice character traits which are emphasized throughout the daily routine and in our chapels.


Elementary students are encouraged to test the skills they practice each day by competing in ACSI activities such as Math Olympics and Spelling Bee. Opportunities are also provided for learning on computers and for foreign language.
The Life Christian School elementary community is one of growing minds, growing bodies, and spirits. We observe this growth in daily interactions between peers, in the classroom through academics, in leadership and responsibility, and in their responsiveness to God. Our once per week chapel programs are designed to train the students in how to take the responsibility, leadership, character and growth they have experienced and translate it into ways to serve their world.

Middle School / High School




Middle School is a time of transition. Sixth graders are leaving elementary school and learning to work with a variety of teachers. Seventh graders are beginning to learn who they are and what they can be in God’s kingdom. Eighth graders are becoming high school students ready to prepare for college and to impact their community. They are encouraged to exercise their giftings in a variety of competitions including, but not limited to, ACSI district Math Olympics, ACSI Math League, ACSI Spelling Bee and Science Fair.


When students step into the 6th grade they begin to spread their wings on campus. The 6th graders are learning to move from class to class through their day and exercise their use of time in passing periods. The students are given a locker to share with a fellow classmate that allows them to learn the responsibility and operation of a locker as a team. Their lockers become their home base as they no longer have their own desk and classroom.  Our 6th graders participate in Middle School chapel where they come together with their peers to hear, experience and worship our Savior. One of the great highlights of 6th grade is attending a 3-day/2-night outdoor school experience during the spring.



Middle School is truly mirrored in our 7th grade. Each 7th grader receives a locker of their own. Their lockers become an extension of their classroom housing all of their daily supplies. They participate in middle school chapel and are encouraged to try-out and serve on the high school worship team. Our middle school students also are given the opportunity to serve the school, church and community through our mission programs.


Eighth graders are beginning to look less like children and more like high school students. They begin to model high school actions and responsibilities. Leadership and giftings have emerged and the typical 8th grader is beginning to purposefully use those fledgling gifts in chapel as well as stepping into leadership roles in our sports, fine arts, and Christian Service activities. Middle school students are also able to showcase their skills through participation in the ACSI district Math Olympics, Math League, Spelling Bee and Science Fair. As the middle school transition comes to a close, the 8th graders participate in the 8th grade promotion ceremony where they are officially recognized as “trained” for high school.




At Life Christian School, we are serious about providing the highest level of academics in a Christ-centered environment. The SAT scores at the school are indicative of rigorous academic study.


High school students begin school at 8:15 and end the school day at 3:00. The following requirements provides a course model for planning as students prepare for college. Some particular areas such as math, foreign language, fine arts, and P.E. may be adjusted due to student ability, staffing constraints, scheduling, etc.  We also have AP classes in various subjects depending on student progression.
Each year students will participate in the Missions Week and will receive a 1/4 credit towards their community service. This is a vital part of our school’s mission and purpose to prepare dedicated young Christians.



Students in grades K-5th are provided opportunities weekly to enjoy activities including music, instruments, drama, and speech. The main purpose of these opportunities is to exercise mind, body, and soul in the act of praising our Heavenly Father. Twice a year, our K-5th students come together to perform a fine arts event. Through developing a love for the Lord and a love for fine arts, our elementary program is used as a springboard to prepare students for continued development in the secondary grades.



Art and AP Studio Art

Life Christian School is proud to offer art classes that will develop students in their creative gifting and enhance the way that they communicate it to the world.


Worship Band

Worship Band is an interactive music elective that develops middle school and high school students (both individually and collectively) in the area of musicality, spiritual depth, and worship leadership. The LCS Worship Band leads worship at weekly chapel services and special worship events both inside and outside of the school throughout the course of the school year.

Student Life




Life Christian School provides chapel services for all students 6th – 12th grade every Wednesday. Elementary students are provided chapel every Tuesday. While the format of each chapel varies, students generally are provided a charismatic and contemplative time of worship, followed by teaching provided by an LCS staff member or guest speaker.


Life Christian High School has an elected Student Council that develops leadership skills while planning activities for the entire student body. Each high school class has a representative on the council, as well as a Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Some of the activities planned by the Student Council include Spirit Week, Spring Formal, Thursday Morning Prayer, High School Retreat, and monthly student fellowship opportunities.

Worship Band

Students can have an opportunity to engage in leadership and utilize their musical talents. Students partner in the worship aspect of our Wednesday chapels. While being a big commitment this is a great opportunity to worship the Lord.


Students can take Yearbook as an elective. This class works to create the yearbook for the entire school. They work tirelessly to capture the important moments for each grade. Students are also involved with many of the extracurricular activities to take the pictures and write memories.


Life Christian School offers many opportunities for students to achieve excellence in academics. We have students who go to the ACSI and Oregon State Spelling Bees in the elementary and middle school. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Math Olympics. Students in the middle school also participate in an annual science fair.


The Life Christian School National Honor Society is a part of a national organization which recognizes and encourages academic achievement, character development, service, and leadership. This is a huge honor that students will be able to carry with them into the future. The National Honor Society is proud to include students who maintain standards of excellence in the areas of scholarship, citizenship, leadership, service to community and school, and character. Students complete yearly individual service projects and an annual club service project.


Life Christian School is excited to offer several different opportunities for students in the sciences and technology. In the High School we offer the Science Olympiad Club, which is part of the National Science Olympiad. This is a team of up to 15 students who participate in 23 events in a track style format of different science topics ranging from building robots, to learning chemistry concepts. The school also offers the Technology Club. This middle and high school programming group participates in the Oregon Game Project Challenge.