About LCS

Principal's Journal

Dear Friends,

2018-2019 will mark my tenth year at Life Christian School. In those years, I have done everything from teaching English and Bible, helping students get into college, and have even coached middle school girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. What a joyful time it has been! There have been highs and lows, but God’s presence in the people of Life Christian School and Life Church has been such a great blessing, from the faculty and staff, to the students, to all the families and people in the neighborhood. One thing I know to be sure is that the Lord was here before I arrived, continues to be here now, and will be here into the future. This year is also a celebration of 20 years of educating young minds and hearts and serving the community. What I appreciate most about LCS is its commitment to excellence. Every year has built on the foundation of the past and continued to forge its way into the future. Some may be apprehensive and unsure of what is to come, but that is why I am even more excited to trust in the Lord’s process and do my best to prepare our students’ hearts and minds to be the best servant leaders of this generation and for generations to come. We cannot do this work alone. That is why I appreciate each and every one of you and your prayers, support, and partnership. Together, we will be a Jesus community that excels not only in loving the Lord, but also loving others and excelling both in and out of the classroom. As the summer comes to a close, I pray that a sense of anticipation and excitement of being a part of something special here at LCS continues to build in your hearts and minds. I look forward to seeing and greeting each of you as the new school year begins. Go Lions!