About LCS

Our MISSION at LCS is to provide an environment such that our students will learn how to be ``IN`` the world not ``OF`` the world by providing a culture where students can be transformed by God and in turn transform the world around them.


Life Christian School adopts the historic, Christian view of life as presented in the Bible. Since God created and sustains everything through His Son, Jesus Christ, the world and life are God-centered and should glorify Him. Man being a sinner by nature and choice, however, cannot in this condition glorify or know God. He can do this only by being recreated in God’s image through committing his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The total process of education, therefore, must seek this restoration of student to the position of true knowledge, righteousness, and holiness in Christ by developing and relating the whole person to God spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. It must present all truth as God’s truth and must be integrated with God’s Word. Such education is first the parents’ responsibility, and second, the school should function as an extension of the home to aid the parents in giving this education. (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).



  • To create students of influence who reflect Christ to those around them in their daily lives.
  • To promote interest in pursuing positions of leadership as an increased platform of such influence.


  • To develop students who make moral choices based upon biblical principles.
  • To develop students who evaluate societal issues through a worldview based upon Christ.


  • To cultivate personal disciplines of prayer, bible study, and service in each student.
  • To discover and develop each student’s role in the body of Christ based upon the development of their spiritual gifting.


  • To develop students who possess proficiency or mastery in core academic areas and are prepared for post-secondary education.
  • To promote a culture of participation in quality activities focused on the maturation of the child physically, spiritually, and mentally.